Small projects

Small projectsWhen a full set of design drawings may not be required, I offer advice and inspiration for smaller projects on a consultancy basis.

This is charged at an hourly rate of £60 per hour for a minimum of 2 hours. Where the site is more than 30 minutes distance, a small mileage allowance will be added.

Borders and Planting

Borders and PlantingFor rejuvenating existing borders, planning new beds or just redesigning part of a garden that’s been neglected, planting suggestions may take just a couple of hours. If more detail is required, planting plans, schedules, supply and planting can be included. For more information go to the PLANTING DESIGN page.

Problem areas

Problem AreasSometimes there’s just one area of the garden that needs attention. This may be a dark shady corner or an unsightly view that needs to be screened, but there’s a solution for every problem in the garden.

Horticultural advice

With extensive plant knowledge, Caroline is able to advise on a range of issues or work alongside Clients to assist with specific projects, such as pruning.